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  • Group: Brown Enjoy and Dating. Relationship Staying Pasifika: Shenei Meisi Penaia

Group: Brown Enjoy and Dating. Relationship Staying Pasifika: Shenei Meisi Penaia

5 Temmuz 2022 06:18



Group: Brown Enjoy and Dating. Relationship Staying Pasifika: Shenei Meisi Penaia

I must confess, i do believe I’ve discover my fresh claiming out of this element. “If the guy ain’t brown, I ain’t lower.” I chuckled a little once I see that. I’m delighted to assist express the a few of Shenei Meisi Penaia’s facts to you!

Matchmaking Getting Pasifika: Rya Owo

The thing I love about matchmaking becoming Pasifika will be the a lot of point of views which come through from our neighborhood. I’m thrilled to discuss the insights of Rya Owo!

Pasifika Love Reports: J and Fia

If there was clearly a like facts that need to be converted to a motion picture, it could be this one. The example of love and determination is totally breathtaking. Here’s the amazing tale of J and Fia.

Dating Existence Pasifika: Brandon Raeli

Here is the first time Sipping Koko has actually a male’s views in relation to matchmaking Being Pasifika! I’m so happy getting Brandon Raeli (Samoan/Tokelauean/English/Scottish) display his thinking. Without additional ado, let me reveal their facts!

Pasifika Appreciation Storie: DeeJay and Neens

This appreciation tale is but one that I’m passionate for y’all to read through! Please fulfill DeeJay and Uini aka Neens. They have been collectively for 10+ decades and listed here is indeed there their own facts:

Something Ones Enjoy Tale?

I’m Samoan and my partner try Tongan. Tokouso for the maximum! Been with us similar audience but never ever ran into one another until college or university. We satisfied thru FB. Got together Sep 2010, partnered June 2014 and 3kids later we’re nonetheless developing collectively. Our very own enjoy has become on a rollercoaster from the beginning. Rely on issues, families problems, postpartum, and much more. But i mightn’t have done it with anyone else.

Matchmaking Being Pasifika: LettiAnne Lologo

I’m passionate for y’all in order to meet LettiAnne! Here’s quite about this lady. She’s a satisfied descendant of amazing moms and dads from America and west Samoa, that appreciates the girl trust in Jesus, 1 of 7 girls and boys, satisfied aunty to my attractive 15 nephews/neices. Stays in L. A., CA (west western) , tunes fan , Foodie and an adventurous enneagram 2 lol.

Repost: Polynesian Boys, White Women, Relationship… OH the!

At first posted November 29, 2019

I’m will be stepping on some feet here creating this website. This might be a topic that has had arrived at my attention through my own activities, just what I’ve seen online and more stations. And that’s why we thought the requirement to discuss it. How come Polynesian men like white ladies over Polynesian females? Discover I’m perhaps not stating Samoan boys versus Samoan girls or Fijian guys versus Fijian girls because i understand precisely what the arguments are there any. “She could be my personal relative,” “I can’t deal with the lifestyle any longer,” (which by the way is a LAME excuse if you ask myself. The customs component defs maybe not the relative part. Don’t date your relative someone.), as well as other reasons. That’s exactly why I’m claiming Polynesian people versus Polynesian ladies given that it’s across the board. I did so my “informal” research. Very, let’s dive in.

Dating Staying Pasifika

Well we realized since I’m unmarried as a Pringle, i ought to defs be involved in my very own collection about becoming single! Very right here happens…

Somewhat Concerning Woman Behind Drinking Koko

I’m a 27 year-old (this will certainly never be evergreen lol) advertising supervisor just chilling out in good ole Nashville, TN. I haven’t have much chance in love for a myriad factors, nonetheless it sure is not from a lack of trying. We spent my youth in a medium measured city in the Southern USA, although I became most dedicated to school work and my personal profession, I had always developed searching for “the perfect guy.”

Relationship Getting Pasifika: Reina Pahulu

Somewhat about Reina Pahulu

Reina Kapiolani Pahulu is actually a primary generation Tongan-American Leiti, aka Transgender Woman as per western guidelines. Her pronouns were she, the girl, & hers. Reina was a nearby poet & neighborhood organizer inside the wonderful Beehive State (Utah) and is also very passionate about promoting discourse, modification, & space for our Pasifika men and women to flourish.

What is their best lover?

Anyone unafraid to fancy but even more important willing to make sure they are come true, can make myself have a good laugh in just a look, knows how to make me feel secure regardless of where the audience is, and can prepare a good food. Is very diligent, ready to accept increases but company in his ideals as a person.

Pasifika Really Love Matters: Ashley and Jack

Highschool Sweethearts

Jack and that I satisfied in high-school, back 2009. Jack ended up being 15 and I also ended up being 16 (cougar, I know ). Jack and I also got a lot of pals in accordance, so I constantly knew of a boy called Jack with dreadlocks, even before we officially found.

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