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I love that man more than anything (except my kiddos of course)

5 Temmuz 2022 05:57



I love that man more than anything (except my kiddos of course)

It’s been so long..

I just recently started a new job as a dog groomer, most everyone I know always says ” wow I never thought you’d be a dog groomer”, honestly I never thought I would be either. Don’t get me wrong I love animals and dogs and my job for that matter, but cleaning up poop and listening to barking dogs all day is not JSwipe my favorite. The hair cutting part and hanging with my sister-n-law all day is the fun part! It is so much harder than it looks to groom dogs. Sure anyone can give a dog a bath, but who knew there were like 2 billion ways to cut and style a dogs hair?! Not I! I am finally catching on and can groom a dog in a little under an hour, which is a long time in dog grooming time, but for a beginner not to bad! I have cut a dog open 1 time so far (knock on wood) just a paw pad. One dog took a huge dump on my table, that was super gross! Hangin with ashley all day is fun too, Im glad I get to work with someone I can talk to and relate too, she may be my boyfriends sister, but she doesn’t mind listening to me rant about him when Im mad at him. Anyways I am loving my job so far and should be making lots of $$ here soon doing so! I am definitely excited about that little perk to my job!


On the subject of money, I am so BROKE! My gosh, ya know when adults used to say kids are expensive. Well they weren’t lying and I didn’t believe them up until about 6 months ago. Kids are EXPENSIVE! I don;t know if I’m just so broke because of the Holidays or what, but I am so over it! Lance and I have started to split all of our costs for the kids down the middle and that helps a lot. I feel like I just have so much to pay for! * car payment $250/month * kids insurance $144/month * babysitting $120/weekly and everythign in between! It just adds up so quickly. Lance is currently layed off too, which doesn’t help. He does work for his mom when he can and that does help, but it would be nice if he had a full time job. He is looking but jobs are just so hard to come by right now.

Lance and I are doing great. Better than ever. Of course we still have our moments. We are working on building our trust with each other so that we can build our future in a healthy and stable way. We even sent out our first christmas card this year!! If any of you have been following our story you would know that is kind of a big deal for us! I really hope this is our time this time around. I feel like it is, I just can’t wait to see it play out how it should! Our future will be strong if we just let it.

Wow I have typed out all of this stuff and not mentioned my babies! Phinley is just as bright and beautiful as always! 2 going on 22 I swear. She is a wild girl and sassy as can be. Full of energy! Her vocabulary is still expanding, it’s just amazing the things she will spit out of her mouth. I swear I hear a new statement from her everyday, just as funny as the last. She is forming full sentences like no ones business. Her newest fascination is hair styling. Anyone who is sitting still long enough for her to get her hands on is getting their hair done. She drags out my straightener (unplugged of course) and hair brush and just goes to town. She separates pieces of hair and uses the straightener like a pro! She tells her “clients” “I make you like a snowman” and then when she’s done “You look like a cute snowman” where she got that snowmen are something people want to look like, Im not sure, but that’s her. Weird as can be and an imagination that is well just plain wild. My love for her grows and grows by the day.

As for Mr. Koen, well he is just the cutest fat boy ever. He is the spitting image of his mama! He was the sweetest boy up until about a month ago when he got an honery(sp) streak. His new favorite: Hitting. I hate that stage, where they aren’t hitting to be mean, it just because they don’t know what they are doing and it seems fun to do. Man does he have an arm on him. He is such strong little dude and so aggressive. He says just a few words here and there. Hi, whats that, koko, daddy, dada, mama, nana, and he waves bye-bye. I think he is going to stay a baby forever and that is just fine with me!

I am still taking pictures and am working on getting more familiar with my camera. I will try and upload some pictures soon!

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